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Benefits of Citizenship

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Promoting civic engagement in the community is an important mission of the NTAS. An informed, civically engaged citizenry has the power to shift and impact decisions that affect the community. One of the ways we can create a civically engaged community is to encourage more citizenship-eligible lawful permanent residents to pursue citizenship and provide the proper education and support to do so.

Why citizenship?

According to the New Americans Campaign, there are six benefits to citizenship:

1. Protection from deportation

Becoming a U.S. citizen protects you and your children from deportation. As a lawful permanent resident, certain criminal convictions could make you deportable, and some actions put LPRs at risk for permanent consequences such as deportation.

2. Citizenship for your children

Children under the age of 18 who are lawful permanent residents automatically become U.S. citizens when their parents naturalize. Since individuals cannot apply to naturalize until they turn 18, this is truly a gift from parents to your children.

3. Family reunification

U.S. citizens can file immigration petitions with the government to reunite with family members. Although LPRs can file petitions only for their spouses, minor children and unmarried adult sons and daughters, U.S. citizens can petition for additional family members such as parents, siblings and married adult sons and daughters.

4. Eligibility for government jobs

Some jobs are available only to U.S. citizens, such as those in the federal government. Additionally, naturalized citizens on average do better economically than non-citizens. As a group they earn between 50 and 70 percent more than non-citizens, have higher employment rates and are less likely to live below the poverty line. New citizens could also see individual earnings increases of 8 to 11 percent, directly tied to more job preparation, better employment matches and a greater ability to switch jobs.

5. Freedom to travel

LPRs’ travel time during a given year is restricted. U.S. citizens have the freedom to travel without these restrictions. They also have the opportunity to seek the help and protection of U.S. embassies and consulates abroad in the event of a personal crisis or civil unrest.

6. Ability to vote

The right to vote is also a benefit of U.S. citizenship. Only citizens have the opportunity to elect the leaders they believe will best represent themselves, their families and their communities.

There are many other benefits to becoming a U.S. citizen.

Citizenship Application Assistance Workshop

The NTAS has partnered with other community organizations and United For Citizenship to host the Citizenship Application Assistance Workshop on July 20th, 2019. This event provides an opportunity for the community to meet with lawyers and legal representatives to get started on your application.

You can also connect with non-profit legal service providers who can help you prepare applications and find out if you are eligible to waive the citizenship application fee.

Bring the following: permanent resident card, a recent tax return and recent address and employment history.

For more information, click here.

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