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Living Well with Chronic Conditions

Living Well with Chronic Conditions is a class offered by the NTAS to help people who are struggling with any chronic condition to learn the tools that enable them to self-manage their symptoms. In this course, participants learn how to identify problems, act on those problems, learn how to generate a short-term action plan and problem-solving skills related to chronic conditions in general. Participants receive support to help them deal with frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation, how to communicate effectively with family, friends and health professionals. 

Living Well with Chronic Conditions is a free six series class, 1 session per week and 2 hours per sessions facilitated by staff members of the NTAS. 

Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program

The NTAS is a CDC recognized organization approved to deliver The Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program in Utah. This science-based program is aimed at preventing type 2 diabetes in Pacific Island populations by making lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, adding physical activity to daily routines and improving coping skills. 


The NTAS partners with local organizations to bring free or affordable health screenings and services to the Pacific Island community including: 

  • Free cancer screening (partnership with Utah Department of Health and local FQHC - federally qualified health clinics)

  • Physical activity promotion partnerships with local Zumba classes

  • Community Park Walks led by NTAS staff at local parks

  • Nutrition and diet education to promote healthy eating


Through partnerships with local mental health providers, we make referrals for those in our community who are in need of culturally sensitive mental health services. All referrals are completely confidential. 

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